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Dr. Parthenia’s Raw Food
Rejuvenation Support Group Newsletter
Newsletter # 5  April 26, 2007          Phone: (818)763-8802 or 913-4942
In This Issue:
Ø       How Do I Get Rid of My Pasta Pouch?
Ø       Juice Fasting: The Fastest Way to Heal
Ø       Baha’i Retreat in the Redwood Forest at Santa Cruz
Ø       What is the Oneness Blessing?
How Do I Get Rid of My Pasta Pouch?
It is common to see men over the age of 30 with the belly of a woman four to six months pregnant, even those who are not otherwise overweight.  We all know men can’t carry babies, so what’s up with that?  More importantly, what can be done to get rid of pasta pouches? 
Primary Causes of Pasta Pouches:
(1) stretching the stomach by over eating, which is caused by consuming foods with trans fats (partially hydrogenated oils) and high fructose corn syrup, both of which suppress the hunger satiation signal while addicting individuals to foods with processed sugar and trans fats in them; 
(2) Poor control of the abdominal muscles from lack of exercise and improper breathing;
(2) impactions in the colon that create gas and bloating  from putrefied meat and dairy products that stick to the intestinal lining which create a breeding ground for worms, parasites, bacteria and fungus to grow.
Ø      Enemas and Colonics push warm water into the lower intestines, which loosens impactions.  Adriana sent the following link: for those who want to order enema equipment and would like more information.  Kevin Trudeau in Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About recommends getting colonics every day for 30 days.  That can be expensive in that they cost from $60-70 per  treatment.  However, one can buy an enema bag and self administer enemas.  It will not have the power or force of the flow of water of a colonic, but it will suffice. 
Ø      Baptism by Water:  Contrary to popular opinion, cleaning the colon with warm water will not harm individuals anymore than cleaning the outer body with warm water will cause harm; cleanliness inside and out is next to godliness.  The Essene Gospel of Peace, Book 1,  refers to enemas as baptism by water.  The following quote should motivate one to rush out and get a colonic or enema:
The devils left their bowels in the shape of multitudinous worms which writhed in impotent rage after the angel of water cast them out of the bowels of the Sons of Men … Jesus said, renew yourselves and fast … till Beelzebub and all his evils depart from you … Except you fast, you shall never be freed from the power of Satan and from all diseases that come from Satan.  Fast and pray fervently, seeking the power of the living God for your healing … All must be born again of water and of truth  … Suffer the angel of water to baptize you also within, that you may become free … Baptism with water that flow[s] through all your bowels … frees you from .. all the abominations and uncleannesses which defiled the temple of your body … Renew your baptizing with water on every day of your fast, till the water which flows out of you is as pure as the river’s foam … By your fasting and prayer you have called back the lord of your body.  And now Satan sees that the true lord of your body returns, and that it is the end of his power. (Essene Gospel of Peace)
Ø       Laxatives (senna, aloe vera capsules, powdered vitamin C, magnesium, castor oil, Dieter’s Slim Tea, etc) break up the impactions, making them easier to eliminate with enemas. One should do enemas and laxatives every day of the fast and every day that one does not have a bowel movement after every meal in order to get the toxins out of the body;
Ø       Bentonite Clay attaches to the plaque that lines the intestinal walls and pulls it off.  Mix one tablespoon of the clay with 8 oz of water along with 1 tablespoon of psyllium; shake and drink immediately before the mixture becomes too thick;
Ø       Psyllium Husks expand and push the plaque and impactions out of the intestines;
Ø       Juice Fasting gives the body liquid nutrients that are easy to assimilate and utilize to heal itself.  Fasting redirects all of the energy the body would normally expend digesting food (i.e. it takes more energy to digest a meal than it does to have exciting sex) to repairing, cleansing and healing the body.  I recommend the Master Cleanse (also known as the lemonade fast) and the Cellulite Juice Fast (see Newsletter #4 for the Cellulite Juice Cocktail).  You can Google “Master Cleanse” and find a lot of websites for assistance.  The book can be downloaded as well.
Liza went on a cruise during spring break.  I was concerned about her gaining 10 pounds during the week she would be gone, so I encouraged her to stay near the salad bars and away from the dining room with all of the varieties of cooked food.  The good news is that she partied with her friends and had a good time and did not gain weight, but she did not lose any either.  Still, that’s a major accomplishment for anyone who has been on a cruise.  On my first one I gained seven pounds in one week.  Here’s what Liza had to report about how she dealt with the situation:

I had a wonderful time on the cruise, the fruit and salads were delicious but of course too much of the same thing after awhile.  The buffet steward knew me well because I would always squeeze about three glasses of orange juice.  Many passengers told me that the buffet supplied orange juice but I told them I wanted it unpasteurized.  I became known as the notorious juice squeezer.  Actually, I would love to see if anyone sells a manual juicer for greens, or a small portable one, because I missed my green drinks the most. 
I had some setbacks, especially with the beverages, but what I made sure to do was load up on vegetables and fruit throughout the day. There was actually one night when I desperately wanted spinach and dates, one of my favorite homemade salads, so I asked for it for dessert and the waiter, although a little surprised, happily went to the kitchen for me.  I realized how my body was naturally gravitating to live food.  It was the best meal I had the entire cruise!  I tried some lobster during lobster night, but it just wasn't as satisfying as I remembered.  I thought it would be something I couldn't say no to, but it was easy to pass up after trying it again.
Love, Liza
Angela started the Master Cleanse on Sunday.  When I saw her on Thursday (after she hosted the raw food cooking class at her house on Friday evening); the weight loss was really noticeable in her face and in how loose her clothes are now.
Angela is committed to staying on the fast for the full 10 days and is fortunate to have a very supportive husband and family, unlike a student who reported today that she was only able to stay on the fast for seven days (she lost seven pounds) because she was forced to get off by her family (who are overweight). They kept telling her she was going to “kill herself” by not eating. 
I am always amazed at the fear toxic people have of detoxing and cleansing the inner body through enemas, laxatives or fasting.  They would never comment to a person killing him/herself with huge meals of meat and potatoes that their diet was going to “kill” them, but they will literally run interference when anyone moves in the direction toward health and self haling. 
Several other students are starting the Master Cleanse this week.  I will report on their results in next week’s newsletter.
Support group members: please email me your health and weight loss news at, or call me at 818 763 8802 or 818 9913-4942.
Trip To Bha’i Retreat In The Redwoods of Santa Cruz
Hilda rode with me on the five hour drive to Santa Cruz to attend the Bhai’ wedding of Anakira, one of our book reps for the college.  Neither of us knew what to expect or what we were in for but we went with an open mind with the idea that we would enjoy the long, lovely, scenic drive.  The wildflowers were in bloom and the hills were bursting with every color, shade and hue of green imaginable.   It was awe inspiring.  We stopped at Hearst Castle on the way back and Hilda bought the most beautiful sounding wind chimes I have ever heard.
When we arrived, the woods reminded me to Robert Frost’s words “The woods are lovely, dark and deep …” We stayed in a charming little wooden cabin on the Bha’i campus in the redwoods which is situated on a mountain with 67 acres. The view was amazing and the woods felt warm and welcoming in spite of the rain.
We learned that the Bha’I faith, which began in Iran about 144 years ago advocates complete equality of women (can you imagine how radical that was then), equality of all races and that each religion has its own truth and are therefore equal because they lead to the same path, God.  There is also no hierarchy within their faith, which means that they have no ministers; everyone is their own leader or minister.   They have their children study all of the world religions and at the age of 15, each Bha’I child gets to choose what religion they want to belong to.  They also do not go out and recruit people to join their faith.  I quicly realized that everything they believe is what I have always believed.
The wedding vows were exchanged by the couple on a stage setup in a natural semi circle of an ancient redwood grove.  The energy from the grove felt sacred the minute you stepped into it.  The height and width of the trees made us look like dwarfs; it was an humbling and awe inspiring experience.  Hilda and I both cried at the beauty of the poetry, philosophy and promises that the couple made to honor each other’s spiritual, emotional and physical growth and sanctity in a partnership that supports individuality.  I loved the passages they chose from Gibran’s book The Prophet.
Hilda decided that when she gets married she wants to have her ceremony in the Redwood Temple.   The ceremony gave me renewed faith and hope in committed relationships.
Hilda and I also looked at the calendar of events and plan on returning to attend some of the lectures and retreats that they hold on the weekends.  They are free to non-Bha’I people. The cabins only cost $45 per night without meals and cost $60-70 per night with three meals included.  The food was great. They are equipped to provide vegan and raw food.  I met the chefs and they were excited about creating raw dishes for us.  They have a copy of my book and DVD.
Separation, Patience and Healing on May 11-13, whose purpose is “to share some thoughts on the difficulties encountered with the cornerstone institution that God has created to be the “fortress for well-being and salvation” the institution of marriage. 
Traversing the Path of Love, also May 11-13 which focuses on “the spiritual journey of the soul on the path of love toward the Beloved using, as our guide, the gems of the Hidden Words of Baha’u’llah;
The Book of Revelation on May 18-20 which explores the “progressive nature of revelation with an emphasis on how it predicts the unfoldment of the Bha’I faith.
The Oneness Blessing, also known as Oneness Deeksha, is an intelligent energy transmitted by an initiated facilitator to a receiver. This experience opens the heart, and a shift in perception takes place, allowing the illusion of a separate self to dissolve. The Oneness Blessing is not a mere concept. It is an experience of Oneness with all creation and with God.  I completed the initiation training at Oneness University and I am now giving the Oneness Blessing every week at our meetings for those who want it.
You can now order a paperback version of the book (the same one available at Pleasantville in Pasadena) and the DVD online for $19.95 each plus $4.05 shipping and receive it in 2-3 days priority mail.  You can save $5 by ordering both the book and DVD together.
You can also pick up copies at any of the meetings.
Friday,  April 27, 2007
10 a.m. – 9 pm Siam Thai Spa.  Cost $35 for an hour for a traditional Thai massage11390 Ventura Blvd,
Studio City, CA 91604. 
Phone: 818 506-4927 or 818 506-7126. 
Call to book your appointment.  I will be going in the morning.
6:30-9:30 Raw Food Cooking Class Taught by Dr. Parthenia
Jorge’s House
14031 Astoria #111
Sylmar, CA 91342.   
Jorge’s phone # 818 362-6912
RSVP 818 763 8802  
Onion Bread Pizza – Mediterranean Style
with marinated shitaki and portabello mushrooms, melted raw cheese, purple onions, fresh basil, fresh cilantro, sun dried tomatoes in olive oil, green olives stuffed with jalapenos, kalamata olives, raw raw parmesean cheese and a dash of cayenne pepper sprinkled on top.
Chilled Coconut juice in the shell
Vegetarian Tacos
with cilantro macadamian nut pesto, tomatoes and guacamole
                With jalapenos, tomatoes, cilantro, lime, onion and cayenne
Pine Nut Dip
With basil, garlic, dill, parsley, jalapenos, soy sauce and olive oil
Six Senses Salad
With spinach, mixed greens, cilantro, purple onions, red and yellow bell peppers, tomatoes, avocadoes, grated raw cheese
Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers
With melted jalapeno jack cheese and cheddar cheese
Berry Pie
Coconut cream custard flavored with orange and vanilla extract.  Crust contains almonds, pecans, walnuts, dates, cranberries, raisins, almond and vanilla extract.  Very Berry Syrup on top of pie contains blackberries, blue berries, strawberries, fresh squeezed orange juice, orange extract and agave nectar.
Salad Dressing:
Fresh parsley, crushed red peppers, crushed garlic, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, water, agave and dry mustard.
Coconut carob haystacks
            Raw carob powder, vanilla extract, agave, dehydrated coconut
If you are coming, please RSVP at 818 763 8802 or 818 913 4942 and let me know which one of the food items you would like to bring that do not have someone’s name next to it.  The prices listed are approximate, but very close.  Please choose, then call my home number at 818 763 8802 and leave a message to let me know your choice
1 Bottle of pure orange extract ($5 at Whole Foods)
1 Bottle of pure almond extract ($5 at Whole Foods)
1 bottle of Raw Agave nectar ($6 at Whole Foods)
Paper cups, paper plates, napkins and cutlery  ($5 at the 99 cent store)
2 cases of young coconuts ($7.99 at Ranch Market on Sepulveda@Victory)
1 bottle Nama Shoyu Soy Sauce (Erewhon $14)
2 bags of raw pecans  (Trader Joe’s $5.00 each) - VERONICA
2 bags of raw  walnuts (Trader Joes $4.00 each)
2 bags of raw sunflower seeds (Trader Joes $2.00 each) - ROY
1 bottle of Agave nectar ($6.99 at Whole Foods)
2 packages of raw Alta Dena Jack Cheese ($5 at Whole Foods)-GURGEN
2 packages of raw Alta Dena Jalapeno Cheese ($5 at Whole Foods)-ANGELA
2 packages of raw flax seed chips ($5 at Whole Foods)- ANGELA
1 bag of ripe avocadoes (Costco $4.00) - WENDY
2 containers of Blueberries (Costco $7 each)-WENDY
2 containers of Blackberries (Costco $7 each)
1 large box of Strawberries or 2 small raspberries (Costco $5 each)-SILVIA
1 large bag of organic spinach (Costco $4)
1 large container of mixed greens (Costco $4)
1 bag of tomatoes (Costco $4) - AKIFA
2 bags of arugula ($2 Trader Joes) - NATALIE
1 bottle of Kalamata Olive Oil (Trader Joes $7) - NATALIE
2 bags of yellow onions (Trader Joes $2 each)
24 large jalapeno peppers ($10) – DR. PARTHENIA
                2 Yellow and 2 Red Bell Peppers ($3-4) - LIZETTE
                4 bunches of fresh cilantro ($1-2)- LIZETTE
                4 bunches of fresh parsley ($1-2) - ROSY
                2 oranges ($1) - ROSY
You may bring flowers, raw cheese, or whatever fruit is available if there is nothing left on the list by the time you call tomorrow.
Saturday, April 28, 2007
11 a.m.-1 p.m. Yoga Class.  Cost $10.00
Location: Arroyo Seco - Hermon Park, Highland Park, CA
Take the 5 South to the 110 S. (Pasadena Fwy), exit Via Marisol, go right, across the freeway, and turn immediately left into the park.  The class is in the big clubhouse.
Bring your own yoga mat.   Call 818-763-8802 to RSVP.
Sunday,  April 29, 2007
Agape 11-1 p.m.
Agape International Spiritual Center
5700 Buckingham Parkway
Culver City, CA