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Dr. Parthenia’s Raw Food
Rejuvenation Support Group Newsletter
Newsletter # 4  April 18, 2007          Phone: (818)763-8802 or 913-4942
In This Issue:
Ø       Our  Visit to Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona
Ø       Group Viewing of the Movie The Peaceful Warrior
Ø       Getting Rid of Varicose Veins, Spider Veins, Gray Hair and Thinning Hair
Ø       Dr. Parthenia’s Balancing Tea Formula
Ø       Hexagontal Water Machine Now Available at
Ø       Dr. Parthenia’s DVD and  Paperback Book now Available online
Ø       Brown Rice Solubles/Tocotrinols now Available at Group Meetings
Ø      Dr. Grant Now Giving Deeksha at all Weekly Meetings
Ø      Why Beans, White Potatoes and Cereal Grains  are Bad For  You
Ø      The Grapefruit Cellulite Reduction Cocktail
You can order the Vitalizer Plus hexagontal water machine from website and use Pay Pal.  This water machine restructures, alkalinizes, oxygenates, and adds minerals to the water.  Hexagontal water has six functions:
1.                  It hydrates the cells because the molecules are smaller than regular water which allows it to go straight to vital organs and rejuvenate them immediately;
2.                  helps transport nutrients to cells because it is hexagontal shaped and so are cells
3.                  enhances waste removal from cells
4.                  supports the immune system
5.                  improves cellular communication
6.                  enhances metabolic efficiency
Dr. Emoto, who wrote Messages From Water tested water from this machine and found that it produces perfectly hexagontal water that stays structured for up to 21 days. 
This machine is compact enough to sit on the kitchen counter, looks like a blender and produces a half gallon of hexagontal water in 9 minutes.  It comes with a mineral filter that needs to be changed after 4,000 minutes of use.   Replacement filters are $70.  The machine is $495, which is the lowest price that the manufacturer  allows; it retails for $685.  Students will not be charged tax.  See Newsletter #3 for more information on hexagontal water or go to
Grapefruit Cellulite Reduction Cocktail
The following is from David Wolf’s book Eating for Beauty, p.77
3 large grapefruits (pink)
1 large orange
1 medium Ponderosa lemon or 2 regular lemons
4  Feijoa (pineapple guava) or 1 cup of fresh pineapple juice
Slice all fruits in half and process through a citrus juicer.  Feijoas are scarce in most areas of North America.  If you cannot find them, add 1 cup of fresh pineapple juice instead.  This is a great drink for cellulite reduction.  Fast on this drink for three days and see miracles happen.  Serves 4
The following information is also from David Wolfe’s book Eating for Beauty, Appendix B: Non Beautifying Plant Foods
The following are plant foods that David Wolf’s research reveals disfavors beauty:
The Pythagoreans and Egyptians abstained from eating beans.  They held beans to be unclean. Beans (legumes) contain coarse, irritating proteins that cause inflammation.  Beans (including peanuts) naturally contain a host of alkaloid toxins.  These protect the beans from animals that would eat them in the wild.  Several of these compounds are toxic cyanogens, such as cyanide (found in wild lima beans).  Raw beans and peas also contain hemagglutins (causing the blood to clump up) as well as substances that inhibit the digestion of protein.  Raw fava beans are very toxic, containing vicine, covicine, and isouramil.  Some individuals cannot break down these toxins at all.  These toxins inhibit red blood cells from delivering oxygen to the rest of the body, bringing on headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, severe abdominal pain, and fever.  Raw peanuts are typically contaminated with aflatoxin, a harmful fungus.  Though these toxins are mostly destroyed by cooking, their presence indicates beans are not a natural food for human consumption.  Soy beans are the least coarse of the beans.  They contain more fat, relative to protein.  However, soy oils (e.g. partially hydrogenated soybean oil) have an anti-thyroid effect that slows down the thyroid, leading to a slower metabolism and weight gain.
Note:  I know a lot of you love your beans and are not about to give them up; I just wanted you to know why you get gas when you eat beans and why you gain weight when you eat them.  I had an interesting experience with them over the Christmas Holidays, when I was at a Spa in Texas.  I ran out of raw food (they are really into their meat and cooked food in Texas). The only choices I had on the menu at the restaurant in the spa were beans and rice, (I was told they were cooked without meat) a Ceasar Salad (with anchovies in the dressing which I could not eat) or grilled cheese, which I ate once and had them grill it with a corn tortilla and no oil.  I gained five pounds in one week from eating small amounts of beans and rice and one grilled cheese.    The issue is always: what are you willing to give up to be beautiful?  It’s a no brainer for me.  My answer is: whatever it takes.
Potatoes are a nightshade family food which contain various types of toxins.  Some nightshade species, such as datura  (jimson weed),  are deadly if eaten.  Baked potatoes are not only very sugary/starchy and fattening, they also contain the irritating alkaloid toxins solanine and chaconine, which affect the nerves.  Solanine is most present in the eyes and sprouted portions of the potato, yet is also found in the skin and throughout the root in lighter concentrations.
Many cereal grain seeds (such as wheat berries) are so hybridized that they contain too much gluten.  Gluten is an irritating inflammatory substance that can actually burn the sensitive lining of the intestines.  Products made from wheat seeds (bread, pasta) can actually cause our face to become puffy.  These products, like other starchy carbohydrates (baked potato), tend to make our skin pale and pasty in appearance.
When I quit eating all wheat products the pain from my fibromyalgia went away.  I avoid all wheat products as much as possible.
Last week I reported that April Morales was doing the Master Cleanse, also known as the Lemonaid Fast.  She did it for seven days and lost 13 pounds.  She looks fabulous and told me she feels even better.  I reminded her that she will gain the weight back and will start to feel bad again if she returns to her old ways of eating.  April told me that she accepts that she has taken this on as a lifestyle change.  Even her husband did the fast for three days. 
Ideally, we should do a liquid fast at least one day a week to give our bodies a break from digesting food, which takes up a lot of energy that it could be using to heal what is wrong with us or to make adjustments to our health.  
Augie, one of Mission College’s mechanical maintenance men has lost 30 pounds since watching my DVD.  He did it without the detox over a two month period.  Augie has ordered one of the Hexagontal Water Machines to supplement his new life style so that he can rejuvenate his body inside and out.
Ivan lost 15 pounds last month without even doing the detox, which he just started.  He is looking forward to more rapid weight loss with the detoxes.  He also reports that the girls are really noticing him.  Ivan commented that he doesn’t know what he will look like when he gets to the proper weight for his height, but he can’t wait to find out!
Support group members: please email me your health and weight loss news at, or call me at 818 763 8802 or 818 9913-4942.
Nine of us carpooled to Corona and spent the day at Glen Ivy Hot Springs.  We arrived around 1 o’clock and left when it closed at 7 p.m.  As we were leaving, Yvette commented that it felt like we had been on a vacation and we all agreed.  The place looked like a tropical island with exotic plants, birds, waterfalls and mountains.  Everything is sparkling new, in pristine condition, and the service is first rate.  
Their prices are already so discounted at $35 during the week (Mon-Thur) and $48 on the weekends that they do not offer group discounts; only 15% discounts to teachers, so Christina and I got discounts.  The group agreed, however, that we definitely got more than our money’s worth with our visit to “Club Mud,” the hot springs, dry sauna, aroma therapy wet sauna, and access to Café Sole, shops and juice bars all for the price of admission. 
We all opted to experience the underground “Grotto” where we were painted with a paste of mint green sea weed and aloe vera, under heat lamps in a hot cave.  You get green apples and hot tea afterwards.  We thought the experience was worth the extra charge of $25. 
When we first arrived, we painted ourselves with red mud, in the mud bath, then walked into the hot cave at Club Mud to let it dry.  We all looked like little red Indians as we rubbed the dry mud off of our face and bodies to exfoliate the skin. 

While soaking in the sulfur hot springs, we noticed that the minerals in the water changed our silver jewelry different shades of blue, purple, black and brown.  But the best part was that everyone lost their dark, rough skin on the elbows.  One of the girls lost her guitar calluses on her hands, which she complained about because she plays in a band, but none of us complained about our baby soft skin that literally glowed. 
We decided that the group has to make a trip to Glen Ivy at least once a month and that we are all worth $48 as part of our commitment to living The Secret, which stresses “feeling good.”  And boy did we feel good all day long and a long time after leaving Glen Ivy.  
Personally, I have decided to treat myself to Glen Ivy at least once a week.  Here’s why:  It is the ultimate compliment to being on a raw diet and drinking hexagontal water.  Cleansing, rejuvenating and detoxing our inner organs with hexagontal water, feeding our bodies whole, organic, living foods, and bathing in hexagontal mineral hot springs is a total health régime inside and out.  Moreover, hot springs replenish and beautify the largest organ on the body, the skin, which of course, is the first thing people notice.  The water in hot springs contains naturally occurring hexagontal water, which is known for its curative qualities. 
The reason why Ponce de Leon was looking for the “fountain” of youth is because our bodies are 90% water at birth and intuitive, intelligent or scientific people know that pure, structured, hexagontal water is the elixir of life and is the real fountain of youth.  Not only do we need to drink hexagontal water, but we also benefit by bathing in it as well to maintain and restore total health.  I will be going to Glen Ivy every Monday.  In addition, I will also attend the group outing once a month on a Sunday after Agape.
Here’s what David Wolfe, the foremost authority on raw food and natural health has to say about hot springs in his book Eating for Beauty or
Agamemnon, the leader of the Greek armies, during the Trojan war, is said to have brought wounded soldiers to Balcova Hot Springs near Izmir, Turkey, known today as “Baths of Agamemnon.”   
Hot springs and saunas work to cleanse and beautify the body by stimulating circulation in the muscles and skin, and by increasing internal enzymatic activity.
The skin plays a major role in the eliminative value of hot springs and saunas.  It is through the pores that up to 30% of our body wastes are eliminated.  This elimination is greatly stimulated by sweating.  Perspiring is not only necessary for our health, but it also makes our skin beautiful.
Soaking in salty hot spring waters draws oils, fat soluble toxic minerals, and toxic fats out of the skin.  Soaking in sulfurous hot spring waters allows the skin to absorb the beauty mineral (sulfur) directly.
Hot spring bathing has been shown to:
1.                  improve the skin’s suppleness;
2.                  aid in elastic connective tissue and erasing wrinkles;
3.                  be loaded with enzymes which scour, clean, and nourish the skin.  Natural mud baths are particularly loaded with enzymes ...  The curative properties of mud can be ascribed to the presence of the enzyme catalase;
4.                  help to heal acne, eczema, rashes, psoriasis, and other skin challenges;
5.                  help to build strong bones and teeth through minerals that can be absorbed directly into the body through the skin. 
We had a really nice turn out for The Peaceful Warrior.  It was clear from the audible reactions and responses from the audience that they really got this movie the first time.  People laughed at Nick Nolte’s dry sarcasm and wit throughout the film and they clapped at the end when I asked the audience: “What time is it?”  I wasn’t sure if they had gotten the significance of the Mayan Calendar in the movie, but everyone answered in unison “Now!”    
When we were at Glen Ivy I asked the group “What time is it?” and they all shouted “Now!”  The amazing part of our outing at Glen Ivy was that everyone in the group stayed in the moment all day, really feeling and experiencing the joy and the newness of each experience at Glen Ivy while remembering to stay in an attitude of gratitude for the beauty of our surroundings, for how affordable the experience was and how blessed were to be with such an harmonious, loving, and peaceful group of people. 
What about Varicose Veins and Spider Veins?
Christina wants to get rid of varicose veins, while others would like to get rid of red or blue spider veins.  I did the research years ago and formulated the following combination of herbs which make up a delicious, aromatic tea that I have now renamed Dr. Parthenia’s Balancing Tea. It is good for increasing circulation, hormonal balance, balancing the whole endocrinal system, and cleansing the liver and kidneys. 
Sage (powdered)
Cloves (powdered)
Cinnamon (powdered)
Saw Palmetto Berries
Milk Thistle Seeds
Mullen Leaves and Flowers
Red Clover Tops
Cats Claw
Skull Cap
Sarsaparnia Root
Go to Herb Products on Magnolia in N. Hollywood and purchase them in the four ounce bags, then dump all of the bags into a big glass or plastic jar, shake thoroughly each time you use it, and brew in a coffee pot to make a delicious pot of tea to sip throughout the day.   You can substitute this tea for your daily detox.  It will last for over a year.  The cloves and cinnamon will give the tea a wonderfully fragrant taste.  You may sweeten with agave nectar, if desired, but it is not necessary since the tea tastes great.
What Can We do About Gray Hair or Thinning Hair?
Several members of the group have premature grey hair or thinning hair.  Please refer to my book for my hair loss and hair thickening formula.  However, David Wolfe recommends the following in his book Eating for Beauty.
Premature gray hair is caused by a lack of B vitamins, a deficiency of raw fatty acids, and trace minerals (silica, sulfur, and copper).  Dr. Ann Wigmore restored her hair from gray back to its original color primarily by drinking rejuvelac (the enzyme-rich, B-vitamin-rich water left over from the process of sprouting grains).  Rejuvelac can be made at home (see Dr. Wigmore’s books for instructions), but is not generally available at stores.  Raw sauerkraut and kim-chi are available at stores and they possess many of the same properties as rejuvelac.  I recommend the Rejuvenative Foods brand found in the refrigerated section of your natural food store.  (Wolfe 84)
I personally have not tried this formula yet, but I will pick up Dr. Ann Wigmore’s book this weekend and start making my  own rejuvelac.
I started graying prematurely at 28 and used the formula in the book Life Extension which did, in fact, get rid of my gray hair in a few short months.  It stayed away as long as I continued to use the formula but came back a few months after I stopped.   It was a lot of pills to take,  but it definitely worked.   The formula is available in the book Life Extension.  I loaned out my copy of the book, but you can go to to order your own copy or pick it up at GNC, Whole Foods,, etc.  Everyone should own a copy of that book anyway.  It’s time for me to order another copy.  I will include the formula in an upcoming copy of the newsletter for all of the lazy readers out there.
I can also attest to the Chinese herb Shou Wu for thinning and gray hair.  It made my hair noticeably thicker within four months.  It should be taken three times a day, but I only take it once a day and my hair still became a lot thicker, so I’m thinking that if I just start taking it as directed, it will also reverse the gray hair.  It is NOT expensive; only about $3 a bottle and is to be taken in conjunction with the Chinese herb Liu Wei Di Huang Wan for the kidneys.  It’s the same price and should be taken three times a day as well.   I have just begun to take it as directed and will report on the results in three months for gray hair, since I already know that it works for thickening the hair.
Since I returned from India in January of 2006, I have been giving Deeksha (a non denominational transference of energy, grace, or oneness) once a month on the new moon.   By popular demand, I will now be offering deeksha weekly at all of the meetings to those who want it.
In the movie The Peaceful Warrior, Joy gave heart deeksha to Dan.  When he asked her if she shouldn’t be healing his broken leg, she commented “I don’t think that’s the only thing that was broken.”  After she gave him heart deeksha, Dan’s heart chakra opened up and his whole paradigm shifted.  The more deeksha one gives and the more deeksha one receives, the more the frontal lobe and the heart opens up.  Deeksha automatically quiets the chatter we are used to hearing from the ego because it opens up the frontal lobe (third eye) and the heart chakras to receive energy directly.   Deeksha  is also known as “healing hands” or “laying on of hands,” and was practiced by Christ and his disciples.
Rachel, the chef at CRU orders a lot of her food products from David Wolfe and has a wholesale account with him.  The brown rice solubles, also known as tocotrinols (which are rich in 100 vitamins and minerals and is as good a source of Vitamin E as wheat germ and tastes better) that Erewhon sells is the brand distributed by David Wolfe’s company.  She is ordering a dozen bottles of it for the group.  I told her to add 10% to the wholesale price for her trouble and the group will still be able to get the tocotrinols for $27-30, which is still cheaper than the $37 charged at Erewhon, depending on what Rachel charges.  Plus, the group will save tax, gas and time.  It will be available, along with the Coral Min calcium, at weekly meetings.
You can now order a paperback version of the book (the same one available at Pleasantville in Pasadena) and the DVD online for $19.95 each plus $4.05 shipping and receive it in 2-3 days priority mail.  You can save $5 by ordering both the book and DVD together.
NOTE:  I will be at events Friday evening and Saturday morning, but will leave for Santa Cruz after yoga on Saturday afternoon.
Friday,  April 20, 2007
10 am-9 pm  Siam Thai Spa.  Cost $35 for an hour for a traditional Thai massageThey are located at 11390 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604.  Phone: 818 506-4927 or 818 506-7126.  Call to book your appointment.  I will be going in the morning.
6:30-9:30 Raw Food Cooking Class by Dr. Parthenia at Angela’s.  Please call Angela for directions, but  RSVP to Dr. Parthenia at 818 763 8802 so that I can assign everyone an item to bring for the class.   Angela does not want her address in the newsletter, so you will have to call her at 818-336-2025 for the address and directions.  I will also have the address to give out when you call to RSVP. 
Onion Bread Mediterranean Pizza
Chilled Coconut juice in the shell
Vegetarian tacos
Six Senses Salad
Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers
Berry Cobbler with coconut cream custard and almond, pecan crust
The cooking class at my house last week was fabulous!  Everyone went home with food to share.  The berry cobbler was my best ever.  I’ve decided to rename it Dr. Parthenia’s Divinely Decadent Fruit Cobbler. 
If you are coming, please RSVP and let me know which one of the food items you would like to bring:  Jorge is bringing two cases of young coconuts (they are $7.99 each); Angela will provide paper cups, napkins and forks, and I will bring all of the extracts, seasonings, salad dressing, and the nuts that have to be soaked like macadamias, almonds, and cashews.    The prices listed below are approximate, but very close.  Please choose from the following remaining items, then call my home number at 818 763 8802 and leave a message to let me know your choice:
2 bags of raw pecans  (Trader Joe’s $5.00 each)
2 bags of raw  walnuts (Trader Joes $4.00 each)
2 bags of raw sunflower seeds (Trader Joes $2.00 each)
1 bottle of Agave nectar ($6.99 at Whole Foods)
1 package of raw Alta Dena Jack Cheese ($5 at Whole Foods)
1 package of raw Alta Dena Jalapeno Cheese ($5 at Whole Foods)
2 packages of raw flax seed chips ($5 at Whole Foods)
1 bag of ripe avocadoes (Costco $4.00)
2 containers of Blueberries (Costco $7 each)
2 containers of Blackberries (Costco $7 each)
1 large box of Strawberries (Costco $5 each)
1 large bag of organic spinach (Costco $4)
1 large container of mixed greens (Costco $4)
1 bag of tomatoes (Costco $4)
2 bags of arugula ($2 Trader Joes)
1 bottle of Kalamata Olive Oil (Trader Joes $7)
2 bags of yellow onions (Trader Joes $2 each)
12 large jalapeno peppers ($2-3)
                2 Yellow and 2 Red Bell Peppers ($3-4)
Saturday, April 21, 2007
11 a.m.-1 p.m. Yoga Class.  Cost $10.00
Location: Arroyo Seco - Hermon Park, Highland Park, CA
Take the 5 South to the 110 S. (Pasadena Fwy), exit Via Marisol, go right, across the freeway, and turn immediately left into the park.  The class is in the big clubhouse.
Bring your own yoga mat. 
Call 818-763-8802 to RSVP.
Sunday,  April 22, 2007
Agape 11-1 p.m.
Agape International Spiritual Center
5700 Buckingham Parkway
Culver City, CA
Erewhon 1:30-2:00