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Rejuvenation Support Group
Weekly Newsletter
April 6, 2007
Frequently Asked Questions:
Adriana just emailed me to tell me that she finished reading my book Look Younger, Live Longer and Lose Weight With Live Foods and is ready to begin the detox but is not sure if it is safe to do the kidney, liver and parasite cleanses all at once.  The answer is yes, the herbs are targeted at different organs of the body and the body is extremely intelligent; it knows what to do with the herbs.  Just be sure to take them with plenty of purified water, and do enemas, laxatives, and the bentonite clay every day to unblock the colon in order to allow the body to eliminate the toxins that the herbs are pulling out.  It is also helpful to do a sweat lodge or a hot sauna as often as possible while you are detoxing. 
In addition, I recommend doing the heavy metal and candida cleanses at the same time since you will be rejuvenating all of your systems simultaneously while putting healthy food into your system.  Remember, if you are on prescription medications, check with your doctor to see if any of the herbs will react with the medication you are taking, or you can google the medication and do the research yourself. 
Diabetics should take alpha lipoic acid to digest sugar; it is also prevents wrinkles; and everyone should take powdered coral calcium with magnesium to alkalinize the body and to prevent cravings, especially sugar cravings.  I recommend the Coralmin brand from  I generally keep a supply on hand since you have to order it from the internet or pick it up at EcoLife in Sherman Oaks at 4454 Van Nuys Blvd, Suite B.  It sells for $38 plus tax. 
Adriana also wanted to know how long she should do the detoxes.  The minimum amount of time is a month, but if you are trying to lose weight or have a particular health problem, go off for a week then go back on for a month, with a week's rest in between until you have reached your desired weight or health goal.  Remember that our kidneys and livers are deeply distressed from years of abuse caused by fried foods, processed foods and meat and could take a couple of years to completely heal.  I have been completely raw now for almost a year and a half and I am still on the liver and kidney detoxes with rests of a week or two in between because the lupu attacked my kidneys and stressed out my liver.
Parasite Cleanses Should be Done by All Members of the Family:
Also, parasite cleanses should be done by all members of the family, including the family pets (put the herbs in their food or water) otherwise you will constantly reinfect each other.  I put cloves in my tea everyday as a maintenance for killing parasites since we pick them up everywhere.  Raw cabbage kills pinworms; raw garlic is a broad spectrum antibiotic and a heavy metal cleanser as is cilantro, both of which I put in my salads everyday; chlorella is a powerful heavy metal detoxifier.  Pay close attention to the chapter in my book on heavy metal poisoning.
Remember to take B12, iron and B complex while on a vegetarian diet, preferably the liquid kind.  I have a contact who can get the liquid iron wholesale.  I will pass the savings on to the group because the bottles I buy cost $25; she tells me she can get them for $5.00.  I will be picking up five bottles from her next Tuesday.
Anytime any of you come up with a way to save money on herbs, vitamins or raw foods, etc. let me know and I will publish it in the newsletter.  Angela found a place in Northridge that has the detox herbs already packaged at a considerable discount.  The info is as follows: 
Vitamin Shop
9100 Tampa Avenue
Northridge, CA  91324
Phone: 818 718-6514
Angela also informs me that sells dehydrators at a considerable savings which some of the Big Lots carry.  She got one for me for $30.00.  I used it and it is just as good as the one that I paid twice as much for.
Health and Weight Loss News From Support Group Members
Angela has been totally raw and detoxing now for six weeks.  She informed me this morning with considerable happiness in her voice that she has now lost a total of 37 pounds.  This is remarkable for Angela because she is the member in the group who was taking a birth control shot that made her gain weight that she has not been able to lose for the past five years.  I recommended that Angela combine her detoxes with sauna treatment.  Her entire family is supportive of her efforts and her grandmother told her that she will take her shopping on Rodeo Drive when she gets back to the size five that she was before marriage and two children.  I am so proud of Angela's perseverence and her committment to this new lifestyle.
Recent Happenings:
The book signing at Pleasantville in South Pasadena on Saturday, March 31, 2007 was very successful.  The owner was pleased with the size of the crowd that showed up.  She was also impressed with the husbands of many of the students who came because they have health issues and are interested in lowering their cholesterol, controlling diabetes or healing heart problems.  They were surprised at how tasty the raw tacos were and the Incredible Hulk was a big hit.  I am going to have to change the name of that drink to Dr. Partheniaís Green Transfusion because of the TV show Incredible Hulk. 
The editor of ďThe San Fernando Sun,Ē Diana Martinez, was at the event at Pleasantville.  She was equally impressed with the sincerity and success of the support group and was motivated by their enthusiasm in taking responsibility for their lives and health.  She listened and observed them taking the initiative to make better food choices and give up some of the foods that are ruining their health, like processed sugars, fried foods, caffeine and too much meat. 
Diana and I went to dinner afterwards where she made a commitment to herself to incorporate more raw foods into her daily meals.  I am very proud of her and all of you in the group!  I am also grateful to Diana for the many wonderful suggestions she gave to help make my next event less stressful for me.  Any members of the group with free weekends who are interested in working with me to coordinate future events, please let me know; I could use some help.
Spring Break came and went really fast! Now Easter weekend is upon us.  Because of the holiday weekend, I am rescheduling the trip to Au Lac Vietnamese Restaurant for next Saturday evening at 7 p.m.  Their address is ____ Brookhurst, Fountain Valley, CA.  Itís the Brookhurst exit off of the 405 Fwy.  Turn left onto Brookhurst and it is on the left in a small shopping center.  Please RSVP if you plan to car pool with us because I will need to have them reserve a table for us. 
Regular Events:
Studio Cityís Farmerís Market and Roller Blading on Sundays:
A few of us are getting together on Easter Sunday in the afternoon to rollerblade, but first, we are meeting at the Farmerís Market at noon in Studio City.  It is located at Laurel Canyon and Ventura Blvd. and is only open from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sundays.  I chose noon because the prices are lowered during the last hour since they donít want to take all that produce home.  Please call 818 763 8802 to RSVP regarding rollerblading or the Farmerís Market, so that I can coordinate who is coming. This will be a regular event as I go to the market every Sunday and I will now be rollerblading every Sunday.
Screening of Documentaries and Raw Food Cooking Classes
I thought we could use Fridays for me to teach the group how to prepare some raw foods and watch a movie after we eat.  I will also invite chefs over to teach us something new as well. 
Chef from CRU coming to Mission to Teach a Seminar
Rachel, the chef at CRU has agreed to come to Mission College in a couple of weeks on her day off, Tuesday, to teach us how to prepare an entire meal.  I am paying her to do this for the group.  I am also donating money to the Culinary Arts program for them to set up a raw salad bar, along with the juice bar, so that there will always be raw meals for us to eat at Mission College. 
The Love Code
I have a wonderful DVD called The Love Code which investigates the secret codes in DaVinciís Vitruvian Man.  I also have other DVDís by Dr. Len Horowitz that are equally fascinating.  The Love Code is enlightening and educating for those with open minds. 
I have a new 50Ē plasma screen, but my new place can only accommodate about 12-15 people (it will be cozy, but comfortable).  If anyone has a larger place with a big screen and would like to do screenings at their place, let me know.  Otherwise, I can do them at my place on Friday evenings, itís just that space will be limited.  Parking on my street is fairly decent.  RSVP and let me know who can make it on Friday, April 20, 2007.  I will hold raw food cooking classes before the screening.  Afterwards, we will eat and watch movies.  Angela has offered her kitchen for cooking classes for next Friday, April 13, 2007 at 6:30 p.m.   Please RSVP if you would like to attend and I will send out an email with her address and instructions on what to bring.   
Tithing and Donations
I encourage each of you to give back ten percent of your time and/or earnings to worthwhile causes.  I think that the support group is a worthwhile cause to which I am giving more than 10% of my money and time because I believe that encouraging people to heal their minds, bodies and spirits are important steps toward healing the planet.  One way that each of you can offer support and encouragement is by promoting the new DVD and book by not giving way copies, so that I will have more money to donate.  I give an inordinate amount of my time and money to worthwhile students and would like to help more of them but cannot do that without increasing my income. 
Adriana's Email


Hi Dr. Grant
Congratulation for your book. I read it all, and I love it. I want to tell that I am going to detox my liver and kidney also I am going to take the parasite herbs, but I have this question:  Can I take the liver ,kidney and parasite detoxification capsules at the same time and for how long?  
Also, I want to let you know that you are a person with so much beautiful light, and I want to thank you for giving us some of that light and knowledge. God bless you.