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Hi Everybody:
I am forwarding a copy of the press release that my new publicist sent out about the raw food seminar that I am doing this coming Saturday at Pleasant Ville Gifts located 1106 Fair Oaks Avenue, S. Pasadena, CA  (626) 441-7841. 
Everyone in the Rejuvenation/Weight Loss Support Group or those interested in joining are encouraged to attend since some of the media will show up.  We just sent out the press release today and one paper has already confirmed that they will cover the story.  I mentioned that two of the members of the group lost 26 pounds in less than a month, so I guess that sounds newsworthy.  At any rate, I think the members of the group can be an inspiration as well as a source of encouragement for the newcomers who show up. 
This event will be the release of my DVD Look Younger, Live Longer, Lose Weight With Live Foods, which our cameraman, Terry Carter, shot and edited for me based on my first raw food seminar at Mission College.  I think he did a great job, (especially on my limited budget).  This DVD will be a nice gift for family members interested in what you are doing or whom you feel need some help with health or weight issues.
I have a new "Events" link on my website where information about this event is posted. 
I will be posting weekly notices about events involving the Rejuvenation/Weight Loss Support Group as well as the monthly meditation/deeksha goal setting meetings.
We had about 22 people show up at CRU (which means Raw in French) in Silver Lake last Friday evening for dinner.  The desserts were divine and the food is always fabulous there.  Everyone got weighed in with my new scale which measures body fat and water content. 
Saturday we went hiking in the hills in Burbank, but only five people (six including me) showed up.  I joked that more people always show up when you say "food" than when you holler "exercise."  I chose that location because the hills are gentle enough that a newcomer can handle it.
After hiking in the Burbank hills, we went to Au Lac Vietnamese Raw/Vegan Restaurant in Fountain Valley, CA.  It was worth the 45 minute drive for the raw tacos (which were large, filling, and a meal in themselves, and they only cost $6).  Their soups were wonderful, except for the one with all of the seaweed.  Theose in attendance decided that the desserts at CRU were better than the desserts at Au Lac, even though Au Lac’s were excellent and unusual.  The main courses are quite diverse and they have such a large raw menu that it definitely deserves another trip back there to explore more of the menu.  Gurgen “Greg” wanted to go last Saturday, but could not make it, so he suggested that we return to Au Lac on Sat. March 31st.  It would be easy for us to do it after my lecture ends at 5 p.m.  Since I will be getting samples of food ready for the lecture on Saturday, I think it would be better for us to cancel our Friday dinner outing and reschedule it to Saturday after the seminar. Christina and Yvette have a Van so we all rode down together.  I would suggest that we do the same on Saturday.  Au Lac is worth the trip.  The address is:
Au Lac Raw/Vegan Restaurant 
16563 Brookhurst Street
Fountain Valley, California
To get there:
Take the Brookhurst Street exit off of the I-405 and go north 1.7 miles.
It is on the left. 
Jorge “George”, one of the members of the support group, works for Costco. He told the group on Friday that Costco gives away bicycles.  We are trying to get them to donate them to members of the group who want to bike but do not have one.  Jorge, this email and the attached press release should be sufficient to inform your boss about what we are doing with the group so that we can get the bikes donated to us.
One of the members of the group, Marilyn, brought her 15 year old daughter, Amber, back for a second time. I asked Amber if her mother dragged her to the restaurant.  Amber replied that she came on her own because she wanted to become a "normal" weight for her height and age.  Marilyn joked that she would have loved to come alone without her daughter and four year old niece, Diamond, who appears to love raw food.  I was very proud of Amber and her mom, who wants to use raw foods to control her weight as well as her diabetes.  Everyone should go to and see the 10 trailer about how a controlled experiment with raw foods for 30 days cured diabetes. 
I am still trying to get a group together to roller blade with me.  So far, only Erica has committed.  I have one extra pair of roller blades.  They are a size 7-8.  Angela expressed interest, but I have not gotten a confirmation from her yet about rollerblading. 
Angela, when will your house be ready so that I can teach the group how to make onion bread and a few of my other favorite dishes?  I'll post that date on my website when I hear back from you.
Liza created a Yahoo discussion group for us.  Liza, would you please send everyone listed on this email information on how to join the discussion group, including me.  I have no idea how to do it.
That's it for now.  See you there on Saturday from 2-5 p.m.  I will be answering questions that the group has as well as questions from newcomers at the seminar.  I hope Terry will be able to film this one.