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Miracle at Mt. Shasta
Dr. Parthenia Onassis Grant

Mt. Shasta Eagles Video

Mt. Shasta Cross Video

Investigation Results:
One of my students had a guy who works in special effects look at the purple ray in her video and asked if it was a reflection of the sun on the lens of the camera. He said it was not.

I showed the video, with the image of the clouds and cross (not the one with the eagles and individuals in front of the purple ray) to an experienced special effects artist who said that the cross WAS a reaction of the lens to a solar flare from the sun. What he later said, that disqualified his theory, is that the purple ray would not show up when the camera’s lens was not aimed directly into the sun (where the image of the sun could be seen in the camera’s frame). He stated that such distortions disappear in the camera when the lens is not aimed directly into the sun. He cited, as evidence, how the purple ray pulses above and below the sun in the image of the clouds and cross video.

I did not have time to show this special effects artist the second video with people standing in front of the violet ray, which contradicts his theory. In that video, the violet ray does indeed show up even when there is no image of the sun within the frame of the camera’s lens. Notice that even when an individual’s body block’s the reflection of the sun on the water and there is no sun within the frame of the lens, the violet ray still appears in front of that person whose body is blocking the reflection of the sun on the water.

I also asked this special effects artist if the same effect could be duplicated under the same conditions. He said that it would be impossible to duplicate the violet ray. He added, as an aside, that the violet light was “unusual” and that the image of the cross was “pretty cool.” He did say that he could probably get a white ray of light to appear by shooting directly into the sun. He added that, as a special effects artist, he could definitely duplicate the same effect in the studio, which I knew already, but this video was shot by students who know nothing about special effects.

In the spring of 2007, a group of students from my critical thinking class at Los Angeles Mission College asked if they could accompany me to the sacred site of Mt. Shasta after I told them it helps to balance the masculine and feminine polarities. They really got excited when I shared with them stories of healed hearts and relationships in Sedona after I gave Deeksha (a transference of divine energy that opens the frontal lobe, allowing the receiver to experience oneness by bridging the gap of separation) at an energy vortex in Sedona.

The video you are watching was shot at Crystal Lake (aka Medicine Lake by the Indians because of the miraculous healings at the lake). When we arrived in Mt. Shasta, we had not heard of Crystal Lake; we were told about it by someone we knew who chose not to go with us.

When we arrived at the lake, there was only one vehicle, which left when we arrived. There was a cold breeze blowing across the lake. As a result, George was the only one to take a swim. The rest of us collected water in bottles and sand from the lake to bathe with later at the hotel.

We then formed a circle and I gave Deeksha to everyone in the circle. Afterwards, I joined the circle, we all held hands, and I suggested that we give thanks.

I gave thanks to Mother Nature, the Lake and to the Ascended Masters who reside at Mt. Shasta. In particular I sent out a special prayer of thanks to Ascended Master, St. Germaine and requested that he give us a direct experience of his presence. The mother of one of the students who went with us, felt a special affinity to St. Germaine and seconded my request. Moreover, she shared that it had always been her dream to visit Mt. Shasta.

Immediately afterwards, an eagle appeared in the sky and swooped down low next to where we were. It began a playful glide and low nosedive. The eagle then made a circle in the air above us, at which point it then flew off in the direction it appeared. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a second eagle joined the first. Then, a third eagle appeared. They made a triangular formation, like a pyramid before flying away. We were only able to capture two of the eagles in formation because we were so in awe of them that I had to ask George to run to the car to get his camera to film it. By the time George got back, the third eagle had already broken formation and flown off.

When we began to take pictures of us with the lake in the background, someone noticed a big shaft of white light in the camera; then everyone with cameras noticed the same white shaft of light coming down from heaven. It was not until I stepped in front of the camera that the violet ray appeared and stayed there. Notice, when I pass in front of the camera (in the white jacket) that a white shaft of light appears again in the middle of the purple light.

It was not until I went to India, for the opening of the Oneness Temple in April 2008, that I got a clue about the images in the clouds. A gentleman from Sweden named Ian asked me, out of the clear blue, if I had ever been to Mt. Shasta. I replied “Yes. And I have an interesting video that you would probably like to see that was taken at Mt. Shasta.” When he saw the video on my laptop, Ian declared it a miracle. Joy, another Deeksha initiate from Tasmania, saw the video and declared it a “post deeksha miracle.” Everyone wanted a copy of the video. Someone in the group requested that I upload it to my website to share with the world.

OWL: The small formation to the far right looks like an owl which represents wisdom. My birth name is Parthenia, which is another name for Athena the Goddess of Wisdom.

TWO LOVERS: The mission statement on my website was written over 12 years ago and has always been about balancing the masculine and feminine energies so that men and women can enjoy true intimacy. I have also been working diligently for over a decade to dissolve the barriers of sexism, racism, classism and nationalism in students by having them write papers about the topic.

THE SERPENT: The image of the serpent encircling the two lovers represents the awakening of the kundalini (sacred sexual energies). I now lecture on awakening the serpent fire energies in the chakras through kundalini yoga, sacred sex and tantric sex.

AS ABOVE SO BELOW: The pulsing, of the shaft of white and purple light, above and below the intersection of the cross, appears to be directing our attention to the old adage “as above, so below” which seems to be saying that we shall soon know the experience of “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

I welcome any comments or interpretations of the video, cloud formations, violet ray, St. Germaine, etc. to the email address