aka Ruthie O. Grant, Ph.D.

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There exists an often over looked connection, not only between food and mood, but  between a polluted, vitamin and mineral deficient body temple and lowered levels of consciousness or awareness.  All too often, the result is various forms of depression, physical and mental illness, addictive/compulsive behavior, self-destructiveness and/or social deviance, all of which serve egoist drives that rip through the social fabric of society, leaving the world battle worn and fatigued from mentally, emotionally and physically fighting fires and egotistical wars, not to mention inter-personal problems and social conflicts.  

According to Dr. David Hawkins’ ground breaking research in Transcending the Levels of Consciousness, everyone is born at a particular level of consciousness.  Moreover, my research (as a social psychologist who specializes in personality disorders and helping loved ones or survivors overcome the aftermath of being in a relationship with a personality disorder) reveals that those not yet at the crucial and pivotal level of honesty, courage and integrity (i.e. 78% of the population calibrate below 200 on a scale of 0-1000 based on Dr. David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness wherein 200 is the level of courage) not only require assistance from those vibrating at higher levels of consciousness, but are aided immensely by a change of diet that increases serotonin levels and neurotransmitter function in the brain as proven by Dr. Daniel Amin’s research in Change Your Brain, Change Your Life. 

Thus, anyone desiring to raise his/her level of consciousness above 200 (i.e. everything that vibrates below 200 is ego driven, including addictions, desires, and destructive behaviors) is greatly enhanced by a change in diet.  And I do not mean simply restricting caloric intake, (which does increase one’s lifespan in that studies show that those at or below the mass body index for their height live 30% longer) while eating processed, chemical laden foods with artificial ingredients, or food that is dead and devoid of live vitamins or amino acids.  Dead and processed foods not only accelerate the aging process but are highly addictive (as revealed in the Whole Food Farmacy’s documentary License to Kill and Morgan Spurlock’s documentary Supersize Me).  Thus, those vibrating below 200 are in dire need of changing their diet as an aid in transcending lower levels of consciousness.  Of course, one still needs will power, dedication, and the intention to grow in order to move beyond enslavement to fear, addiction and desire and into the realm of freedom and real power (above 200) vs. reliance on force (below 200).  

With the exception of raw food events, I run into a plethora of new age, spiritual or health seeking individuals at expos, motivational seminars, success summits, churches, temples, spiritual retreats (in India and sacred sites around the world) who spend inordinate amounts of money just to be in the presence of new age gurus (East and West), motivational speakers, success coaches, etc. in an attempt to raise their levels of consciousness; to connect to a higher purpose; or, simply to increase their finances, yet are treating their body temples (i.e. sacred vehicles designed to get humans through the rest of their lives) like garbage dumps by consuming inordinate amounts of dead food, processed food, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, prescription drugs or over the counter drugs with side effects worse than the symptoms the drugs are supposed to alleviate. 

The majority of people that I observe appear to be unaware or do not care about the fact that dead food, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, solvents (in nail polish remover, most house hold cleansers, gasoline, etc.), inadequate hydration, lack of exercise and less than 5 hours of sleep at night will constrict the flow of blood to the brain, shrink the brain and/or damage the neurotransmitters in the brain.