aka Ruthie O. Grant, Ph.D.

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Parthenia Onassis, Ph.D.
aka Ruthie O. Grant, Ph.D.

Dr. Grant earned her Ph.D. in social psychology from the International University and her Master's in English and Humanities from California State University, Dominguez Hills. She is author of the best selling book I Thought I Was The Crazy One, which contains 201 ways to identify and deal with personality disorders. Her Show Biz Kids book won an Irwin Award. Dr. Grant was born with lupus and used live foods to rid herself of all symptoms of this painful and deadly disease which prompted her to write her upcoming book Look Younger, Live Longer, Lose Weight With Live Foods.

Dr. Grant is listed in Who's Who Among American Teachers and Montclair's Who's Who Among Collegiate Faulty.  She is a tenured professor of Critical Thinking at L.A. Mission College, where she has won Professor of the Year numerous times.

Dr. Grantís success in bringing diverse races of students together earned her a fellowship to Oneness University in Golden City, India where she was initiated into Deeksha or The Oneness Blessing, a transference of Divine Grace. She is also trained in Reike, Theta Healing, Psych-K, The Reconnection and the Yuen Method.   

Grant is currently the resident relationship expert on Take 5 - Broadminded XM Radio 155. Dr. Grant is a popular guest on television and radio stations in the U.S., Canada and Great Britain, where she has served as a Hollywood expert for the BBC.